The Rage R140rt


Rage R200T Buggy

The 140HP Rage Buggy for the Tarmac

The Rage R140RT has been designed around the well-established two seater Rage Motorsports chassis.
As with all Rage Buggy's, this vehicle is capable of operating on a variety of surfaces, ranging from tarmac race track to full motocross, with the added benefit of being road legal in some states*.
Power comes from the latest Nytro FX snowmobile, with the 1049cc three-cylinder capable of delivering stunning performance (0-60 mph in under 4.0 seconds and a top speed of 115 mph).









A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) brings two-pedal operation, making it a snap for even novice pilots to jump behind the wheel and enjoy its incredible handling on virtually any surface. The compact and lightweight R140RT comes configured for pavement from the factory, yet can be converted to an off-road setup within 30 minutes using the optional Moto-X kit, comprised of off-road tires, alloy wheels and longer shock absorber springs.
With this amazing track car, Rage gives you the best of both worlds. Tame the dirt and the road in your Rage R140RT!
*(Check for your states DOT for licensing requirements)




Rage is proud to announce that the Rage R140RT is now available in North America. The R140RT can be serious fun for anyone and everyone. Ideal as both a weekend warrior for tarmac tracks and a tool for those keen to develop their off-road driving skills, using the Moto-X kit. The two-seat R140RT is powered by a liquid-cooled, naturally aspirated Yamaha Nytro FX engine and an easy to use CVT automatic transmission linked to a Quaife differential, meaning anyone can just jump in and drive.  This lightweight buggy provides speeds of up to 115 MPH and comes with the tarmac specification as standard. The R140RT buggy is an ideal vehicle for the track, the road (where permitted) or off-road with a quick change of optional equipment.

Rage R140RT Specifications

Panels Hi-Impact ABS moulded plastic panels
  Powder Coated 1.5"  
Chassis CDS Tubular Space Frame.
  Tested beyond FIA Standards.
  Length - 2600mm
Dimensions  Width -  1820mm
  Height - 1350mm 
Seats Cobra Race Imola
Harnesses FIA approved 5-point Pro
Road legal  Check with Local DOT
Engine model  Yamaha Nytro
Engine type FI 4 Stroke - 4 Valves per cylinder
Engine Capacity 1049cc
ECU  Yamaha ECU
Cylinders Three
Power 140 hp @ 8,600 rpm
  Aluminium Race Radiator  
Cooling / Radiator with Thermostatically
  Controlled Twin Fans
Torque 90 lb-ft @ 7,500 rpm
  Aluminium Rack &  
Steering Pinion, 1.7 Turns
  Lock to Lock
Steering Wheel 3 Spoke Polyurethane 
  Foam Filled Aluminium Tank 
Fuel Tank (Capacity 30 Litres) 
  with roll over valve
Gear Box CVT
  Quaife Forward & Reverse 
Transmission Gearbox with A.T.B Differential,
   fully Gear Driven
  Stainless Steel Cross Drilled  
Brakes  Discs with Brembo
  Calipers and Bias Adjustment
Est. Max speed* * 115+ MPH
  Rage Adjustable Intrax Gas Charged
Shock Absorbers Dampers with Spherical Bearings
  Front: 250/35 Spring
  Rear:  330/55 Spring
Suspension F - Double Wishbone with 12.5" travel
R - Double Wishbone with 13.5" travel
Tires Toyo R888
Tire size  Front - 235/40 ZR18
Rear - 245/40 ZR18
Wheels Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2
Wheels Hubs  PCD 4x110
Front & Rear bumper 2" Tubular bumper
Exhaust Stainless Race Exhaust System
Wing Mirrors Included
Tiny Tach N/A
Digital Dash Display Included
Parking Brake Ratcheting Hand Brake
Weight 550 Kg (1212 lbs.)
Base Price  P.O.R