The Rage R40TA

Rage R200T Buggy

The Fun Rage Buggy

The Rage R40TA is the entry vehicle into the Rage lineup. Equally suitable as a private leisure vehicle or for the Corporate Hospitality market, where safety, reliability and strong performance are imperative, this 2 seater is incredibly fun and versatile.

The R40TA uses many of the same components as the Race Model (which has over 5 times the horsepower!) ensuring that however ‘enthusiastic’ the driver may get, the Rage will take whatever is thrown at it. Both the driver and passenger will also benefit from always being safely held in place by the five-point race harness and protected by the steel roll cage.

At the heart of the R40TA is a robust Kohler V-Twin engine, giving strong performance from its 998cc capacity.





The R40TA is built to a very high specification, incorporating our in house designed CVT belt drive system and a RAGE/QUAIFE reduction gearbox with reverse, which houses an ATB (Automatic Torque Biasing) differential. The brake system uses stainless steel cross drilled discs and stainless steel braided brake lines through to Brembo calipers.

The vehicle has a simple stop and go system, which is operated using the right foot on either the accelerator or brake. Many years of experience of using these vehicles has proven this system to be the safest and most natural pedal set up.

A remote engine kill system can also be fitted to the vehicle, allowing the engine to be momentarily restricted or completely switched off from up to 500 meters away.


The R40TA anchors the Rage lineup and provides an excellent entry point for driver instruction, corporate events, and all-around fun. The 40bhp Kohler V-twin engine produces exciting-yet-safe power and is backed by Rage’s proven CVT transmission, allowing for simple two-pedal operation. Most importantly, the R40TA features the same lightweight, high-performance chassis – and safety equipment – as more powerful models, making it a blast to drive on any type of terrain.

Rage R40TA Specifications

Panels Fiber Glass Bonnel and ABS Plastic Panels
  Powder Coated 1.5"  
Chassis CDS Tubular Space Frame.
  Tested beyond FIA Standards.
  Length - 2600mm
Dimensions  Width -  1820mm
  Height - 1350mm 
Seats Cobra Imola
Harnesses FIA approved 5-Point Pro
Road legal  No
Engine model  Kohler CH1000 Low Profile
Engine type 4-Stroke
Engine Capacity 998cc
Cylinders Two
Power 40 HP @ 3,200 RPM
Cooling / Radiator Air Cooled
Torque 65 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm
  Aluminium Rack &  
Steering Pinion, 1.7 Turns
  Lock to Lock
Steering Wheel 3 Spoke Polyurethane 
  Baffeled Foam Filled Aluminum Tank 
Fuel Tank (Capacity 36 Liters) 
  with Roll Over Valve
Gear Box Automatic CVT
  Quaife Forward & Reverse 
Transmission Gearbox with A.T.B Differential,
   Fully Gear Driven
  Stainless Steel Cross Drilled  
Brakes  Discs with Brembo
  Callipers and Bias Adjustment
Max speed 55 MPH
  Non-Adjustable Intrax Gas Charged
Shock Absorbers Dampers with Spherical Bearings
  Front: 250/35 Spring
  Raer:  330/55 Spring
Suspension F - Double Wishbone with 12.5" travel
R - Double Wishbone with 13.5" travel
Tires ITP Off-Road tires
Tire size  Front - 26x9R-14 Terra Cross R/T
Rear  - 26x10R-14 Baha Cross X/D
Wheels ITP SS108 Rim, 14x7
Wheels Hubs  PCD 4x110
Front & Rear bumper 2" Tubular bumper
Exhaust Stainless Exhaust System
Wing Mirrors Optional
Tiny Tach Optional
Digital Dash Display N/A
Parking Brake Ratcheting Hand Brake
Weight 505 Kg (1113 lbs.)
Base Price  P.O.R