2020 Rage Buggies

For Those that Demand the Very Best!

The Ultimate Buggy R&D Test

In 2010 no less than eight Rage Buggies were entered in the Dakar Rally, these cars have now clocked up more than 50,000 miles while competing in the epic race for five seasons. All Rage products incorporate the knowledge gained from our Dakar-developed vehicles, and this ensures that extreme performance, toughness and reliability come standard with every Rage Buggy. It is the feedback and knowledge gained by these endeavors, over the toughest terrain and in fiercely competitive conditions that give us the confidence to say that Rage products are developed way beyond those of any competitors.

  • Engines from Leading Manufacturers
  • Quaife Gearboxes
  • Intrax Suspension
  • Safe and Durable Chassis
  • FIA Approved TRS Harnesses
  • Tires from Toyo, ITP and Maxxis
  • Top Speeds of 125+ MPH
  • WRC 4-Way Suspension
  • Brembo Racing Calipers
  • Wilwood Master Cylinders
  • Cobra Racing Seats
  • OMP and Momo Steering Wheels
  • Rims from Team Dynamics and ITP
  • Aluminum High Flow Cooling Systems
  • Owned by F1 World Champions
  • Built using only the best materials
  • Buggies Built to survive the Dakar
  • K&N Performance Filters
  • DigiDash Systems
  • Fuel Maps Controlled by Power Commander
  • LED and HID Lighting
  • Flyoff Hand Brakes
  • Insane Handling and Acceleration
  • For people that ONLY THE BEST WILL DO

"It's like a little F1 car"

Jeremy Clarkson - Host of Top Gear

"Some of the best off-road toys... the handling is amazing!"

Tiff Needell - Professional Racing Driver & 5th Gear TV Presenter

"The most fun you can have on 4 wheels"

Colin McRae, World Rally Champion

2017 Rage Buggies


Rage R40TA

The Rage R40T is the latest buggy in the Rage lineup.  Equally suitable as a private leisure vehicle or for the Corporate Hospitality market, this 2 seater is incredibly fun and versatile.

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Rage R140T

The Rage R140T is a great addition to the RAGE Motorsport line up.  The Rage R140T has been designed around the well established two seater chassis that the R180T and R180RT had used with great success.

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Rage R140RT

As with all Rage Buggy's,The Rage R140RT is capable of operating on a variety of surfaces, ranging from tarmac race track to full motocross, with the added benefit of being road legal in some states.

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Rage R200T

The Rage R200T took the concept of the hugely successful Rage R180T a step further. With more power and even more torque, this machine will blow your mind.  It is obvious at first glance that this is a Rage, but drive it and you will see that this is something even more special.

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Rage R200RT

The Rage R200RT starts with the concept of the Rage R200T and takes it a step further by adding a complete road going package.  It includes headlights, taillights, signals, brake lights, a horn, alloy rims, tarmac tires and a few other special bits.

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Rage Options

Your Rage Buggy can be set up to meet your specifications with a large selection of optional upgrades and accessories: lighting packages, suspension upgrades, wheel and tire packages, other performance upgrades or cutom options at your request.

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